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One of the biggest asked questions I get from my clients is “What should I wear to my photo session?” So here is a small 10 step guide to helping lead you to the “best outfits” for your upcoming session!


This is the most important in my opinion! Biggest tip for making sure colors coordinate, would be to look at this amazing chart that I found by A pair and A spair. It perfectly explains what colors go best with what.



Keep the location of the shoot in mind when picking your outfits! Showing up to a session in the woods wearing green or a session in the snow wearing white will cause you to blend right in with the background. 

Will you be surrounded by pretty greenery? Wear lighter colors to stand out. Will you be out on the beach surrounded by the sand and blue water? Wear darker colors to standout. If you need help or guidance, talk to me for more help. 



Spring/Summer: Summer trends such as sun dresses, nicer sandals (not casual flip flops), lightweight light colored pants and a lightweight button up on men are great examples for a solid summer session outfit. I love lighter colors in the summer such as pastels or light neutrals.


Fall: Time to layer up! Whatever you decide to wear, layers are your best friend. We are talking a cute top, jacket or sweater, little neck scarf, whatever you want to add for more depth into your outfit. Fall is perfect for that. Tones during this time of year are typically yellows, oranges, and maroons. So try to get tones and outfits that go well with this.


Winter: Layers like fall sessions are perfect as well! For winter I also love a cute beanie on men, a scarf to throw on for a few shots, be creative and have fun with it! If we're shooting in Houston it is most likely still going to be 70 degrees outside... but WHO CARES! If you throw on a cute jacket or beanie in a winter session even when it's not that cold out no one will even question it.


I know electronics such as cell phones and apple watches have become such a huge part of our lives that sometimes we forget we're even wearing them. However, please take the apple watch off and make sure your cell phones are out of your pockets. There's nothing worse than having the outline of a cellphone in your pants pocket in all of your photos. These are things I always try to catch, but sometimes I'm too busy looking at your faces to notice. 


I love a good plaid or floral pattern! The main rule I tell my clients when it comes to patterns is  that if one person from the couple or family is wearing a pattern, then everyone else should be wearing solid colors that match the pattern. This helps maximize the cohesiveness and minimize the distraction that can happen with patterns. Also, ladies, try to avoid wearing strips. They naturally make us look wider than we actually are.


Hats. Scarfs. Belts. Bandanas. Flower crowns. You name it, I love it. Anything to give us something more to play with I love. Dainty necklaces and bracelets are also so beautiful. Just be careful, you don't want to overdo the accessories. One or two is always my rule of thumb! 


The difference between a good photo and a great photo has a lot to do with movement. Whether it's in the movement of your hair, or your dress, or the ocean. If you are all for those movement/candid shots it's better to wear a beautiful flowy skirt or dress and have your hair down. I love movement and the more that is moving in the photo the better!


Ladies, this is mostly for you. While I love me some good high heels, keep in mind that a lot of walking and moving happens during my sessions. If you plan to wear heels for your photos that is perfectly fine, but bring a side pair of walking shoes for between shots. If we're on the beach don't worry about what shoes you wear... cause you'll just end up taking them off. 


All of the above applies, but for in home sessions I say the more skin showing the better! No that doesn’t mean you need to be borderline naked, I’m just saying the photos will look a lot more comfortable and intimate than if you’re in lots of heavy layers! I recommend bringing options of tank tops, shorts, sweaters, and jeans to mix and match! Anything that will show a little bit of skin is perf! When it comes to colors, I love natural tones during in home sessions like black, white, tans, olive greens, navy, etc.


No matter how many inspiration photos you look up on pinterest make sure you stay true to you and what makes you feel beautiful. Don't wear something that you would never usually wear just because you saw some blogger post a photo in it. If you see an outfit and think "heck yes, I want that," then go for it. If you guys play music and sing together, you better bring your guitar. Love to swim? Deal. Get in your suits and jump into a lake or the ocean and I’ll capture the heck out of it. I'm here to tell your story.

Want to run your outfit choices through me? I'd LOVE to help! Just shoot me a text of what you're thinking about wearing and I'd love to give you some advice!

My cell: 832.289.4023